Why Should I Not Buy a Rheem Water Heater from Home Depot?

1. They don’t carry parts. So if your water heater quits working because of a parts problem, you’re waiting at least a week (at the minimum!) to get going again. Did you install it? Well, you’re now the contractor. Call Home Depot and let me know how that goes for you.

2. They don’t have the same quality parts as a professional-grade water heater. IMHO, Rheem has shot themselves in the foot here. They sacrificed their reputation for the almighty dollar.

3. If there’s a leak, you have to return the water heater first. Think about the opportunity cost here for a minute. Do you have a truck to haul it back? The time? The patience? You can’t return it to Home Depot either! You better do some checking on where it has to be returned if it goes south on you.

4. Performance grade (Home Depot) vs. Professional grade (Licensed contractor). Think about this: You buy it from Home Depot, you have to deal with it. If that thing goes south during the warranty period, you’re screwed. One week of cold showers? Your wife will be pissed. I hope you have a good relationship. Buy it from a contractor, they deal with it for you.

5. Here are some reviews of Rheem via Home Depot. Don’t confuse these reviews with Rheem via a licensed plumbing contractor.

6. You get what you pay for. If you’re Plumb Smart, there’s no such thing as an emergency! If there are problems, we’ll take care of them for you. In this case, having a middle man is a really good thing.

7. We’ve been using Rheem water heaters for over 15 years now – professional-grade – and haven’t had one go-back or warranty issue in all that time.

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