We offer guaranteed dishwasher installation services. Our expert plumbing team can assist with any brand of dishwasher, and we always guarantee our work.

We understand that installing a dishwasher can be a daunting task, but our experienced technicians have the knowledge and expertise to ensure a seamless installation. From connecting the water supply, to properly securing the dishwasher, we will make sure that every step of the process is completed correctly.

Dishwasher Installation

Our dishwasher installation services include:

  1. Removing and disposing of your old dishwasher (if needed)
  2. Installing the new dishwasher and connecting it to the water supply
  3. Testing the dishwasher to ensure it is working properly
  4. Providing a thorough cleaning of the installation area
  5. Providing guidance on the proper use and maintenance of your new dishwasher

We work with all major dishwasher brands, so you can be confident that we have the knowledge and skills to install your new appliance. And, to give you peace of mind, all of our installations come with a warranty on labor.

We install dishwasher brands such as:

  1. Bosch – Highly rated for reliability, quiet operation, and efficient cleaning performance.
  2. KitchenAid – Known for powerful cleaning, durability, and extra features like targeted wash zones.
  3. Whirlpool – Offers a range of models known for dependability and straightforward functionality.
  4. GE Appliances – Features innovative technology, such as bottle jets and steam cleaning.
  5. Samsung – Delivers dishwashers with advanced features like adjustable racks and smart home compatibility.
  6. LG – Recognized for models with QuadWash technology and smart functions.
  7. Maytag – Provides sturdy dishwashers with powerful motor and soil-sensing capabilities.
  8. Miele – A luxury brand known for exceptional cleanliness, drying performance, and longevity.
  9. Frigidaire – Offers a variety of models with good performance at a value price point.
  10. Electrolux – Focuses on high-end models with advanced features and sleek designs.

Don’t settle for a subpar installation – trust the experts at Plumb Smart for all your dishwasher installation needs.

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Dishwasher Installation FAQs:

What is the average price to install a dishwasher?

The average cost to install a dishwasher varies between $200 and $500, depending on factors like the complexity of the installation and local labor rates.

Can I install a dishwasher myself?

Yes, you can install a dishwasher yourself if you have basic plumbing and electrical skills, but it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure proper installation.

Should a plumber install a dishwasher?

Hiring a plumber to install a dishwasher is advisable if you’re not comfortable with plumbing and electrical connections, ensuring a professional and safe installation.

What is required for dishwasher installation?

Dishwasher installation requires a power source, a water supply line, a drain connection, and, in some cases, a need for cabinet modification to fit the new appliance.

Can dishwashers be installed in a kitchen with granite countertops?

Yes, dishwashers can be installed in kitchens with granite countertops, but the mounting process may require special brackets or adhesives since you can’t drill into granite as easily as wood.

What is a dishwasher?

A dishwasher is an electrical appliance designed to clean dishes and cutlery automatically, using water, detergent, and varying cycles to ensure thorough cleaning.

Where can I buy a dishwasher?

Dishwashers can be purchased from home improvement stores, appliance stores, online retailers, directly from manufacturers’ websites, or through your local plumber.

What are some of the most common dishwasher installation problems?

Common installation problems include leaks, improper drainage, electrical issues, and inadequate water supply, often resulting from mistakes in connections or setup.

What are the benefits of installing a dishwasher?

The benefits of installing a dishwasher include time savings, improved hygiene, reduced water usage compared to hand washing, and convenience, along with energy-efficient models offering further savings.