We offer guaranteed drain cleaning services backed by decades of plumbing and sewer experience. 

Drain clogs and overflows are frustrating, but can also cause water damage. When you experience slow or clogged drains, avoid using home remedies, liquid drain cleaners, and even plungers. An experienced plumber can offer professional drain cleaning services that won’t damage your property. 

Beware of Chemical Drain Cleaners

DIY repairs can often lead to more damage, as chemical drain cleaners can cause pipes to corrode over time and home remedies may lead to larger clogs. Plungers, while useful, if used improperly or with too much force, may break toilet seals leading to leaks.

Trust the professional team at Plumb Smart, Inc. We specialize in professional drain cleaning with more than 30 years of experience clearing even the toughest drain blockages. 

Plus, we will provide safe and effective methods of home drain care to help you avoid emergency backups and keep your drains smelling fresh. 

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Video Inspections

Prior to using a drain snake or other means of unclogging your drain, it can be a good idea to perform a sewer camera video inspection. Performing a video inspection ensures knowledge of where drain issues exist. Inspections also allow to plan the best method of unclogging the drain. 

Benefits of a professional drain services:

Effective Rooters

Home remedies may solve a slow drain for short periods of time, but they will not thoroughly clean the lines and may cause larger clogs. Plungers weaken toilet seals if used with too much force, and liquid cleaners are corrosive to drain pipes.

Professional plumbers can be more effective at successfully clearing obstructions from your drains using tools such as rooters. 

Eliminate Odors

Professional drain cleaning can effectively remove odors from bathroom sinks and kitchen drains.

Long Term Solution

Professional drain cleaning will provide long-term solutions to slow and clogged drains and will help identify potential issues with a plumbing system, lingering further down the line.

Professional Grade Drain Cleaning

Plumb Smart, inc. uses professional drain cleaning technology and heavy-duty drain cleaning equipment for fast and efficient drain cleaning.


We provide expert warranties on all of our drain cleanings to provide homeowners peace of mind.

Interior Drain Blockages

Drain cleaning helps to solve years of grease buildup in kitchen drains, soap scum and hair products in showers and tubs, and minor toilet clogs with ease.

Toilet clogs on their own are easily cleared with a professional auger and our solution can safely clear the blockage without damaging the toilet or causing leaks. 

If multiple drains are slow, or the toilet is bubbling, it could indicate a main sewer line clog and should be inspected by our team of experts. 

Main Sewer Line Drain Blockages

When all the drains in your home are running slow, plumbers can provide expert main sewer snaking. Our heavy-duty professional snaking machines can clear even stubborn clogs in the main sewer line and remove minor roots with specialty cutting heads.  

If we encounter heavy root intrusion or other blockages, we can recommend and perform an in-depth sewer camera inspection to diagnose the cause and provide the best recommendation for repair. 

Preventative Maintenance

For drains with roots and high-frequency use drain lines, our team provides expert preventative maintenance packages to keep your drains clear and emergency free. Additionally, we offer actionable advice to avoid future drain and plumbing repairs.

How often should a drain be cleaned?

The answer to this question typically depends on the issues experiences. However, if you know roots are regularly entering your drain lines, it is likely a good idea to clear the lines once a year to avoid blockage. 

If you have a sink that frequently slows down from hair blockage, it would be a good idea to address the problem before the drain is clogged. 

You can set a recurring reminder to clear your drains based on how frequently you experience issues. This is good preventative maintenance. 

What is the most common cause of sewer line blockage?

Roots are the most common clog in main sewer lines, as tree roots grow towards the rich nutrients and moisture inside the line. We will effectively remove roots form your sewer line, and make repairs if they have damaged the pipe. 

30 Years Experience

Plumb Smart, inc. has more than 30 years of experience in drain cleaning and plumbing services. We use advanced technology and provide an exceptional customer experience on our service calls. 

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