We offer guaranteed sewer camera inspection services to help you get to the root of the sewer line clog. Rest assured in our decades of plumbing and sewer experience. 


In case of frequent sewer problems on your property, or when you are purchasing a new home, investing in a sewer camera inspection can help in properly diagnosing the cause of blockages and determine the ideal solution for repair.

What is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

Using the latest camera inspection technology, we conduct a clear and high-resolution sewer line inspection, enabling us to view the condition of your sewer line, and mark the depth and trace out the line under foundation and cement.

Cameras are smart and flexible, easily passing through cramped and tight spaces in sewer lines to ensure we get the full view of the line. By assessing the condition, length, and run of the line, our team is able to show our customers what is happening and provide estimates for repairs. 

Plumb Smart Sewer Camera Inspection

When Do You Need Sewer Camera Inspection Services?

Sewer line camera inspection services are recommended if you are experiencing frequent backups, but they can also be performed proactively to avoid damage and emergencies. 

With Age

Sewer materials do not last forever, and as homes age, so do the drain lines. Sewer systems can deteriorate over time opening up spaces allowing for roots to enter, or causing missing sections or breaks. Common sewer pipe materials, such as cast iron and clay, can last approximately 50 years, so older properties may experience more sewer backups if the pipe is not repaired or replaced.  

Frequent Backups

Normal sewer and drain backups happen due to natural use, but frequent occurrences indicate larger issues. Roots, aging lines, objects in the line and collapsed sections are common issues found in sewer lines. A sewer camera inspection will provide an in-depth view of the condition and cause allowing our team to make the appropriate repair.  

Large Trees

Trees and landscaping enhance the beauty of properties but are destructive to sewer pipes. Seeking moisture and nutrients inside of drain lines, roots can enter through small seams or cracks and continue to grow. As they grow inside of the line, they can cause breaks and eventually lead to fully blocked sewer drains. Tree roots not only block sewers, but can affect the rest of the drains inside of the home, and can even grow up through the toilet drain. For properties with large trees, even close by, we recommend performing an annual sewer camera inspection to ensure roots are not causing harm to your sewer lines.  

New Home Purchases

Performing an in-depth inspection in the sewer line prior to purchasing your new home can save time and money on surprise repairs. New home inspections only assess visible plumbing systems, so often there may be problems lying in wait. With a camera inspection, you can identify potential issues before making any decisions or affecting the cost of the sale.   

Area Drains

Area drains are drains on the property to handle stormwater runoffs and irrigation. However, they can become clogged due to rocks, dirt, debris and other ground elements. When they are blocked, large amounts of water, such as storm rains, can cause backups affecting your property. A sewer camera inspection can ensure the line is clear and able to handle the flow of rains and irrigation services.

30+ Years of Experience

Plumb Smart, Inc. has more than 30 years of experience in expert sewer camera inspections . We use the highest quality equipment to offer advanced inspection services, offer up front and transparent pricing, and deliver exceptional customer care. 

Our professional plumbers are trained to identify the causes of damaged sewer lines, so we can help you resolve issues quickly.

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