A Day In The Life …

You learn something new every day.

“Go easy when you’re adding torque—don’t just throw yourself into it or you’re liable to damage something else and make a whole new problem you have to fix.” That’s what Pete told me as I struggled to disassemble my first hose bib. While a seemingly simple fix, I’ve already learned that repairing a spigot can be one of the more challenging jobs we do on a regular basis. There’s not a whole lot to it—not once you get past the corrosion brought on by years or decades of exposure. Now, I’m a strong guy, and I’ve got some weight to throw around. Give me a pipe wrench and five minutes and I’ll rip the whole thing out of the wall. But of course, that’s not the goal (actually it should be avoided at all costs).

The trick, then, is finesse: to balance strength with patience, determination with perseverance. Not a bad lesson to keep in mind in everyday life. Goals are important, and you shouldn’t give up or compromise just because the going gets tough. If something needs to be done, then by all means see that it gets done. But don’t go off half-cocked and full of reckless ambition, or you may end up hurting yourself, others, or just making the problem even more difficult to solve. When you find the right tools and the right strength, that hose bib will come right off. I guess you learn something new every day.

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