I know, I know. There’s a DIY tutorial for everything nowadays, and it’s tempting to try fixing everything yourself. I’ve done that with car repairs by watching YouTube videos. But as tempting as it is, there are certain issues you should not try to problem solve on your own. There’s a reason for the Master Plumber certification, and it’s because certain types of plumbing repairs require a certain level of knowledge and expertise. So lets cover some reasons why you should always call a plumber.

Here are five plumbing issues you shouldn’t try to tackle on your own:

Lack of Hot Water

A lack of hot water is usually the result of a failed or faulty water heater. If you’ve followed along for any amount of time, you know I really educate about the importance of knowing how old your water heater is and when it’s time to replace it before it fails. But, if you didn’t follow that advice, follow this advice: Don’t try to tackle this on your own. Mistakes in trouble-shooting a broken or old water heater can be costly to your wallet and your health because of its connection to gas and electricity.

There can be a variety of factors at play here, so it’s better to play it safe and call your Plumb Smart plumbers to take a look and diagnose the problem!

Cracked Pipes

Usually, pipes can crack during the cold winter months when frozen water in the line causes the pipe to expand and then break. This can be costly and cause problems with the foundation of your home as well as flooding throughout your house. If the crack is small enough, it may not be noticeable at first, causing a slow leak that gradually gets worse. If you notice a spike in your water bill without a corresponding spike in usage, this can be a good indication you have a crack or breakage on your hands.

One of our Plumb Smart plumbers will be able to quickly identify the source of the leak and make repairs in that specific spot, without having to do a lot of unnecessary digging or removal of drywall, etc. Give us a call if you think you have a leak!

Pipe Blockage

Intense, regular backups are a typical sign of a blocked sewer line. These blockages can come from a variety of sources: tree roots, non-flushable items, or sediment buildup which all affect your sewer line. Many people turn to chemical drains or pipe cleaners at this point, but these can actually corrode your lines and cause more damage, which can cost thousands of dollars, in the long run, to take care of. Trying to take care of this on your own could expose your home and family to raw sewage, which is obviously not a safe solution!

Call the experienced plumbers at Plumb Smart to identify what’s causing the blockage and take care of the problem in a cost-effective, safe, and timely manner.

Major Appliance Installations

If you’re attempting a remodel or renovation, it’s best to enlist the help and expertise of an experienced plumber. Not only can the appliances be expensive to purchase, but they can also be even more expensive to install, especially if you do it incorrectly the first time and have to hire a plumber to do it correctly the second time. It’s also important to hire an expert if the project involves moving electrical or gas lines.

Give us a call at Plumb Smart to discuss the installation of plumbing appliances to have it done safely — and correctly — the first time.

Low Water Pressure

There can be many causes for low water pressure, including pinhole leaks in your pipes, city supply issues, pipe obstructions, and poor pipe design. A master plumber will be able to quickly assess and pinpoint the source of the problem and provide the correct solution. Trying to DIY your water to better water pressure can result in damaged home and sewer lines as well as more low water pressure.

To make sure your plumbing installation is correct and problem-free, you really will want to call the experts.

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