Just because something works doesn’t mean it’s good

A lot of people prefer to take the quick and easy way out when it comes to unclogging their drains. It’s easier to pour Drano down your pipes than to lift off the drain cover, dig around, and pull out gross gobs of hair, I know. But what is the long-term cost? Just because Drano or other chemical cleaners work, does that mean they’re the best option? Let’s dig in and see.

A good old-fashioned pros/cons list is helpful in times like this. Here we go.

Pros to chemical drain cleaners:

  • They’re fast. They get the job done quickly and have you on your merry way in no time.
  • They’re easily accessible. You can find them at nearly any store and they’re not expensive. 
  • They’re effective if all you care about is clearing clogs out of your pipes.

Cons to chemical drain cleaners:

  • They’re corrosive. They can cause a lot of damage to your septic tank if you have one because they eat away at the good bacteria needed to break down waste. Without the good bacteria, the waste just sits there and will eventually clog your tank.
  • The chemicals that make them “work” are toxic. The fumes can burn your eyes, impact your lung health, and if they get on your skin they’re on a superhighway into your bloodstream after that. The chemicals can cause rashes or burns on your skin, and the drain cleaner needs to be stored where children can’t get into it because of how the chemicals can hurt them.

On the other hand, natural, enzymatic drain cleaners contain no toxic chemicals, don’t pose health risks to you or your children, won’t corrode your pipes, and won’t destroy your septic tank if you have one. The only downside? They take a little longer to get the job done because it takes longer for the enzymes in these cleaners to eat the bad bacteria and other materials causing the clog.

The drain cleaner I use and recommend is Bio-Clean. Here are just a few of the benefits of each two-pound container:

1. It’s made of 100% all-natural ingredients. This means it’s safe to consume (although it’s not very tasty. I’ve tried it.). There are no labels warning you to call poison control if consumed because it won’t hurt you if accidentally ingested. Good for you, good for your plumbing.

2. Because it’s all-natural, it doesn’t have toxic chemicals. This means your kids can “help” you use it and you don’t have to worry about it burning their skin or the fumes affecting their lungs.

3. You can use it to naturally deodorize your pet’s litter box! Yep, just pour a little bit in the box, stir it around, and wait for it to take care of the yucky odors naturally.

4. You can do your part to go green! Every year, in an effort to get rid of annoying clogs in their drains, millions of Americans pour toxic chemicals down their drains that are bad for them and bad for the environment. What if everyone used a product like Bio-Clean instead?

Give me a call if you want a can to improve the health of your drains.

Chemical cleaners are a quick, temporary fix that cause massive problems down the road.

Save the Environment

Don’t contribute to the health and environmental problem by using these cleaners. Instead, switch to a natural product like Bio-Clean.

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