Here at Plumb Smart, our motto is: “When you’re Plumb Smart, there’s no such thing as an emergency.” What that means to us is that if you take the necessary precautions and stay vigilant–if you’re smart–you’ll be able to identify and handle whatever problems come along before they turn into emergency situations. But this doesn’t have to only apply to emergencies; if you’re willing to listen to the experts, you can avoid a plethora of problems.

One such issue that we run into all the time is drains being clogged by people flushing sanitary wipes, paper towels, etc. Bathroom tissue is specially designed to disintegrate in water–which is what makes it terrible for cleaning up spills. Everything else just piles up and will result in an eventual clog every time. The worst part is that many companies will market things like sanitary wipes as being flushable. They’re not wrong–you can flush anything that will fit through the toilet. But trust me, you’ll regret it later.

Cleaning chemicals in toilet tanks are another common troublemaker. The water going into the tank is already clean, and those chemicals eat the rubber components that make your toilet work. So unless you just like having your toilet rebuilt every 6-12 months, leave the tank alone.

The crazy thing is, we tell people about things like this all the time and then have the same customers call us back with the exact same problems. You’d be surprised how many times we’ve unclogged the exact same drain because a customer refuses to listen to an expert opinion.

To put it in another context: you wouldn’t keep putting the wrong oil in your car despite warnings from your mechanic, would you? Or refuse life-saving medication recommended by a physician just because you personally disagree? The point is this: experts are experts because they’ve put the time in, and their (our) recommendations are universally more reliable than whatever the packaging says on a box of wipes or what a handful of people say on the internet.

Trust the experts, be smart, and you won’t have to worry about preventable problems ever again.

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