Learning how to install a refrigerator water line might seem impossible, but it’s a great way to save money on your next appliance purchase. Installing the line yourself can save hundreds of dollars in labor costs. If you’re hoping to install your refrigerator water line yourself, here are a few steps you will need to take:

1. Shut off the water supply

Shut off the water source to the line you will be connecting to. To shut off the water, turn off the water shutoff valve before the planned connection point. If the individual line you are working on does not have a shutoff, you may have to shut the main water valve off.

If you need help finding it, read this article.

2. Measure and drill a hole in the floor

If you have already purchased a refrigerator water line or an entire kit, you will know what size water line you need. Now it’s time to drill a hole in the floor to run the water line through. Measure and mark an area on the floor where you want your refrigerator water line to be installed.

Once you have marked your spot, use a drill with a drill bit large enough for your water line and set it at a slow speed. Drill through the floor until you have a hole through the floor that your water line can fit through.

3. Install an ice maker valve on a nearby cold water line

You’ll need a tee fitting to splice into your water line. Get a quick connect push fitting to avoid soldering, gluing or crimping. Install your ice maker valve into the tee. Close the valve, turn on the water and check for leaks, then proceed to step 4.

4. Connect your refrigerator to the water supply

The next step is to connect your refrigerator to the water supply. Attach one end of your water line to the ice maker valve. Put the other end of the line into a bucket, then slightly open the valve to bleed air out of the line until water starts to fill the bucket. Shut the water back off and connect the other to your refrigerator’s inlet fitting. Then, open the ice maker valve and check for leaks on the refrigerator water line. 

5. Test your water line

Once you’ve installed your water line, ensuring everything works as intended is essential. Testing your water line is an easy and effective way to confirm that it’s working correctly. If there are any leaks or problems with the installation, now is the time to fix them before they become a more significant issue later.

Doing it Yourself

By installing your refrigerator water line, you’re saving yourself money on labor costs.

Installing your refrigerator water line is an excellent option if you’re handy. It’s not that hard to do, and it’ll save you money on labor costs.

Plus, installing the line yourself will help you build up some confidence in working with plumbing, which could come in handy when tackling more significant projects down the road!


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