Follow these 5 tips to save water (and money on your water bills!) in your home!

1. Watch the settings on your washing machine.

Try to only wash when you have a full load, and when you don’t have a full load, make sure to adjust the settings on your washing machine cycle to save water.

2. Take shorter showers.

We all like a long shower every now and then, but those minutes add up quickly! Every minute your water runs, you’re going through two gallons of water. Consider shower fixtures that can conserve water while still providing a sense of water pressure.

3. Adjust your baths.

You can save between 10-15 gallons of water when you only fill the tub halfway!

4. Fix your leaks quickly.

If you notice any leaks or think your pipes may be leaking, get them fixed sooner rather than later. It may not seem like a lot of water is being wasted but even slow faucet leaks can cost lots of money if they aren’t repaired.

5. Don’t let the water run.

When washing your hands, brushing your teeth, washing dishes, or washing the car, don’t let the water continuously run.

Follow these tips and you’ll save gallons of water every week and save hundreds or thousands of dollars in the short-term and long term.

Of course, if you know you have a leak or want to find out for sure, give us a call and we’ll come run a full inspection. We’ll always let you know about any problems before we tackle them and offer the most cost-effective fixes possible.

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